M.G. Half Fold Brochure

This company came to the company I work for with a very rough file for a tri-fold brochure, that they wanted to spruce up and eventually print as collateral for shows or conventions.

At first glance I really couldn’t figure out what they did, then I read it more thoroughly and got a certain Idea of what they did, discussed it with a colleague and we came to the same conclusion.

Upon the first meeting with the client, turns out they did something different and we were able to nail down the message they wanted to convey.

After some revisions to the copy, and reorganization of the information, we were ready to add color and some visual aids to help get that message across. At the end, we decided that a half-fold brochure was better serving their purposes, and presented them with this concept:

Merdan GroupBifold

Front and back of the bifold

Merdan GroupBifold

Inside of the bifold


They were very happy with the results and after a few copy revisions were ready to print.