Working at a print shop that can print almost anything, you get to design many things, from business cards to t-shirts, banners, all sorts of signs. Sometimes I have to design logos and even web graphics. You also get to deal with all sorts of clients, from individual students to national corporations, including other designers, and people who think of themselves as designers. Featured here are my favorites, and hopefully the collection will grow, not only in number but quality as well.

La Jolla Karate-Postcard

La Jolla Karate Postcard (letting people know that they are open)

beeswax soccer team Banner

Soccer Team Banner


Merchandise sign for a band

Taxi service poster

Taxi service Poster

Front side of business cards                                               back side of business cards

Dry Clean loyalty card front and back side

promotional Postcard

Trying to pic your curiosity with a postcard

Inspired Movement Postcards

A postcard for a dancing school showcasing the variety off classes offered, and the age range, as well as some glamour and fun that performing brings to the students.

gift Certificate

Gift certificate front side. This is for a company that specializes in muscle therapy, their target market is athletes that have suffered injuries or that want to prevent them.

Dancing School banner

Banner for the same dancing school

chocolate fountain

Does it need a description?

David Veit Photography

A photographer that specializes in dog portraiture.
Mesh Banner

A mesh banner for a company that makes coins and badges, they wanted their products showcased, what they do, their logo and some vintage posters that I ended up infusing to their logo.


This display banner is designed for a tradeshow, they needed a visually pleasing way to get all the technical information across