My Story in a Movie Poster

Graphic Design

Ever imagine how your story would look like in a movie?

What would the tittle be?  The plot would emphasize a love story, a struggle, an adventure, a quest?

For someone who loves movies, specially old ones, making a movie poster with their story would be a great gift. You see, my friend Paula is getting married, she met the guy and 5 months later they were engaged, 11 months later and she will be Mrs. Rush (not really her name). So, teasing the rush that her relationship has been, I designed this poster. It has since been changed, including the tittle, but I still love how this one looks and feels.
Movie Poster- teaser

What do you think? a love story maybe?

The picture was taken by Clorrisa Watters, be sure too check out her blog, good photos there.

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