The game of war

Graphic Design

Question to Rubinstein: “Who is your opponent tonight?” Answer: “Tonight I am playing against the black pieces.”  –  Akiba Rubinstein

This is work I’ve done on the side, learning new techniques is always fun.

It is a Game between the famous world champion Jose Raul Capablanca and Moshe Czerniak, as a chess spectator, specially when you don’t know much of what is going on, you focus on the two men sitting in front of a board acting as if they are at war. When you do know what is going on there is a bloody battlefield between two sides, a lot of tension, every move is critical and might determine the outcome of the battle; a battle also versus time, dreaded time, every second that passes is a second you wasted and haven’t made a decision yet, and the battle is not over until is over.

My chess player friends will appreciate this as much as I do.Capablanca Vs. Czerniak

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