It’s been a while lingering in my mind, the thought of doing a 365 project; you know, the kind of project where you commit to doing something in specific for each day of the year. I just didn’t know what I was going to do…
   Then, I did the draw 21 days challenge from Lynda.com and a class on logo design from the same website, all to realize my drawing skills really need some boost. I also saw somewhere on a blog I long lost the link to, an artist that would draw her friends profile picture on Facebook as practice and everyone says you need to practice and practice again, so there, one night all the pieces of the puzzle came together.

    Starting today, I’m drawing a profile picture a day. I don’t quite have 365 friends on Facebook, I think the number is closer to 345 but a lot can change in a year. Also, a few of them have a logo as profile picture, for these I’ll try to make a different version of their logo. I’m trying to do different styles, so don’t expect consistency in styles.

    Without any more explanations here is day one:


If you are commenting, don’t be to harsh.

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