365 days of Portraits-Day 26



My little friend here, in an effort to be different, has his picture upside down. I’ve read from a few sources (drawing with the right side of the brain, mostly) that drawing something upside-down tricks your left brain, and you stop seeing a preconceived shape, and instead you can see the actual shape. Say maybe, you always draw eyes the same way in a man, a woman, a baby, they always look the same way, when you draw from reference, and this reference is upside down, you stop thinking that is an eye, and you pay more attention to the lines that form a certain shape, which make your drawing more accurate.  This made me want to give it a try.

It is kind of awkward trying to figure out proportions when doing so, and the weirdest thing is that when I turned it his lips looked like he is smirking in the picture, something I couldn’t convey on my rendition. So, maybe I couldn’t trick my left side? Is my left side too clever for my own good?


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