Day 42


What a day it’s been. These drawings are like yoga for the brain. They make me stretch in a way I don’t do very often, and making my self do them is helping with discipline. It helps that I enjoy doing them too.

I know you read this sort of stuff all the time, in how to articles that have 10 steps to a [insert adjective here] you; but until you really do it constantly you can tell it’s effects. I would encourage you to do something you like every day, at least for a few minutes, it does add up.


My friend you remind me of a witch-doctor practicing voodoo.

I exaggerated the length of the face,  and I think his chin is not as pointy. It is hard to get the rest of the details from such a blurry picture.

What do you think?

One thought on “Day 42

  1. I think you are getiing it
    yes the chin is not that pointed and I think the nose is larger and it should be showing that, but I am not a drawer… I just enjoy watching you doing it day by day… day by day… thats what I’m saying that you are getting it 🙂

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