Days 48 & 49


These were really fun to draw, one is hiding behind he’s skulls, the other looks a bit mad, take a look:Arvz

This one looked so much cooler in just pencil, I am so sad I didn’t take a picture of it before I ruined it with the ink. Oh, and lesson learned, work your way down when working with ink, or, you will have to face the wrath of the smudge and both your drawing and your hand will suffer, muah ha ha.

Seems logical and maybe anyone with common sense would think of it, but, I guess I wasn’t thinking.  That is what practice is for right?

Ok, moving on…


pensive and mad, I wanted to emphasize the mad part, hence the red background. Those sweater folds are incredibly distracting, and very tempting to draw, I had to tone it down when using the ink, so that it didn’t distract from the face and emotion.

On other news, I enrolled in a Caricature class, it starts next week, so you might see some improvement and maybe a little exaggeration in the features. Here is to bettering myself.

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