Day 51


I need to start keeping a record of who I’ve already drawn, faces are starting to get too similar, and I feel like I’ve done a drawing of some of the people.

So far what I’ve been doing is drawing the last people that appear in my friends list on FB, and they are never the same, I think they might be people I have very little contact with, or that rarely use FB. once I’ve drawn their picture, they are no longer at the bottom of the list, there’s got to be some algorithm there. The problem now is that i’m starting to forget who I’ve drawn. Must keep notes.

Any how, today’s drawing presented a new challenge, one that I had no patience to tackle… HANDS!

Too many details and for whatever reason when I was drawing them they looked huge, once I used the ink, they look small and ridiculous. What’s the deal? I might draw them like mittens next time hahaha. Goch

I  like her eyes though 🙂

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