Day 62


Remember that class I mentioned about a week ago? well, it finally started today.

It was crazy fun!

The class is for caricatures, and so, as in many classes, you start drawing your classmates. Just picture a bunch of absolute strangers, given it was the first day, trying to study someones features, defects specially, with the whole intention of exaggerating them, so in the end you are making fun of your subject. It was super uncomfortable at first, I kept looking away, hiding my smile behind my hands, etc. Then, with added time pressure, you forget about it and just go for the draw.

The worst part of it all, is you cannot erase! we were using markers. So,even when you had a vision, the result was grotesque at best. The quality of line is much more important here, and learning to use the marker to do thicker or thinner lines is pretty challenging.  I enjoyed it very much, my drawings on the other hand, definitely need more practice.

That said, here is the drawing for today, I’m sorry my friend, if you ever see this, know it is the first day i’m trying this technique.


More of where this came from for probably the rest of the year.

Good Day!

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