96-99 as promised


OK here i go, these are the days I had missed and the pictures from my class:Lmtt Acstll Aslsctl Erry

The following pictures were taken after drawing them from live models, totally impromptu session, but it was pretty cool. Here I am totally nervous about being on the spot, with a bunch of people watching over my shoulder as I put every line on paper, and the  teacher trying to correct you… not to mention i’m supposed to make the person i’m drawing laugh, by either talking to them or making a fool out of my self, for someone so hesitant to start a conversation with anyone, I think that was the most horrid part. Then I look at my subjects, they are even more nervous than me; I mean, someone in front of you drawing and exaggerating you, as they see you, and everyone laughing at the lines in the paper, but really they are laughing at you! pretty intense for the 3 minutes the session lasts. Once I realized what the model was feeling, talking to them was not as daunting as I thought, and started to ask questions, which seem to make the subject way more at ease.

IMG_20141215_204637 IMG_20141215_184852 IMG_20141215_192241 IMG_20141215_195925 IMG_20141215_201946

I am going to miss this class…

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