Day 121


This one took 6 tries, SIX! just to get some resemblance, ugh!

Today is one of those days… Breathe…

OK she has way longer hair, I didn’t account for that in neither of the 6 sketches, I will blame it on the moon. Yes. The moon. Don’t judge me alright, I get to blame it on what ever I want while i’m ranting, later I can be reasonable about it.


In other news… I made it to a third of the way…365 here I come

2 thoughts on “Day 121

  1. Just to clarify, did you say you got these photos off random people’s web pages? Or, are they people you know? If the latter, lucky you to have so many subjects willing to be drawn.

    This is one of your better caricatures. If her hair is really so long…I adore her more…maybe you could add pages below this one, each displaying a portion. That would be funny, framing each part of her hair separately.

    1. Writingbolt, they are people I know, but I’ve taken their Facebook picture, only a few of them posed live, and I’ve published the picture of them next to the caricature.
      Thank you for your comment, and your Idea is great,I will try adding the pages for her hair 🙂

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