Camp Pendleton,CA. in the 80s style

Graphic Design

Camp Pendleton is a military base in north county San Diego. I always thought of is as just that, a big ol place where militia goes to receive training of all kinds; apparently it is also a city. I can’t find much about it, so I decided to make today’s graphic to look like it could belong in a movie poster from the 80’s.

Based on this movie poster right here:

Iron Eagle Movie poster

a 3D treatment of the type, with the flag’s colors, ’cause ‘merica!
I didn’t do a sketch on this one, just went directly to try and achieve the 3d effect in illustrator; turns out, my computer could not handle what I was asking of it, so it crashed illustrator.

I then tried something in Photoshop and just gave up, it was taking much more time than what I was willing to put on to this project.

Back at illustrator, I worked with the perspective one-point grid to get the letters in to the perspective you see them in this poster, and then proceeded to draw the 3D effect panel by panel. I know there are better ways to achieve this, so I will try a different way another day.

Once I got it to look right, It seem like it needed something, so I just added a tank. Not much reasoning behind that to be honest.

Quite different from yesterday’s neon graphic, and yet, still very 80s.

By the way, I have not seen Iron Eagle or know what it is about,

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