Camp Pendleton,CA. in the 80s style

Graphic Design

Camp Pendleton is a military base in north county San Diego. I always thought of is as just that, a big ol place where militia goes to receive training of all kinds; apparently it is also a city. I can’t find much about it, so I decided to make today’s graphic to look like it could belong in a movie poster from the 80’s.

Based on this movie poster right here:

Iron Eagle Movie poster

a 3D treatment of the type, with the flag’s colors, ’cause ‘merica!
I didn’t do a sketch on this one, just went directly to try and achieve the 3d effect in illustrator; turns out, my computer could not handle what I was asking of it, so it crashed illustrator.

I then tried something in Photoshop and just gave up, it was taking much more time than what I was willing to put on to this project.

Back at illustrator, I worked with the perspective one-point grid to get the letters in to the perspective you see them in this poster, and then proceeded to draw the 3D effect panel by panel. I know there are better ways to achieve this, so I will try a different way another day.

Once I got it to look right, It seem like it needed something, so I just added a tank. Not much reasoning behind that to be honest.

Quite different from yesterday’s neon graphic, and yet, still very 80s.

By the way, I have not seen Iron Eagle or know what it is about,

Carlsbad 80s-The Series continue

Graphic Design

For this one I wanted to do a neon sign, Carlsbad has this famous statue of a surfer, called the kook, locals make fun of the statue because of the pose and he gets dressed (some call it vandalized) to support teams, or make some kind of political statement, etc. I wanted to include the kook in the neon sign.

The above shows my sketch, the color sketch and the line work in illustrator, after that, back to photoshop for some glowing effects. and voila!

Eighties series, Chula Vista California

Graphic Design

The main Idea is to make all the San Diego County cities into 80’s logos or graphics, as often as possible. For today’s graphic, I did Chula Vista, California. Beautiful city, not that famous as a tourist attraction, and yet, it has hiking trail, horse trails, beach, beautiful suburbs, etc.

Downtown Chula Vista has a circular sign which you will see if you search for the city. I based today’s graphic in that sign.

I think it looks more like a beer logo than an 80’s graphic, what do you think?