Heiva San Diego 2018 Book

I had the privilege to work on the layout design for the Heiva San Diego book which is a mix between a photo-book/ yearbook and a magazine through it’s 84 pages.

The festival itself celebrates the Tahitian/ Polynesian culture and history, rich in colors and patterns, and a close-knit community; this year, the festival’s theme was friendship.

I wanted to bring those Ideas to the book, insisted that the picture in the cover contain a group of friends, and included patterns in the background, which are consistent throughout all the inside pages as well.

The challenge here was to keep consistency when you receive all sorts of random pictures and random quality of those pictures from different photographers, writers, and vendors. Coordinating with each of them the length of the article and it’s layout was also part of the challenge.

I decided to keep the gold-yellow and red color combinations to make the titles stand out and a solid shape to separate from the textures and life that come out of the pages. Sans-serif type for the title and serif for the paragraphs. No borders for the pictures, just a gap between them in some pages.

I do love the end result, here are some of the inside spreads:

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