Mechatronics Icon

The client
Nine dot Connects is a company that specializes in printed circuit board training and problem solving. They offer plenty of training videos, case studies over their blogs, etc.

The Request
For this project they wanted an icon to represent the science of Mechatronics, Initially they wanted to include a magnetic field and gears, however, part of what they described was that they like visual simplicity and showed me a set of icons they liked where the design was flat, with just 2 colors.

The Concept
After some research on Mechatronics and it’s visual representations, my ideas went a different way,still including the cog and colors they liked, however, I added the circuit board part to it on my concept explorations, and still approached the client’s initial ideas in case they were married to them.

Concept Explorations

In this project I liked a more abstract concept where the PCB and the magnetic field are loosely represented as you can see in the color concept above; the client however, wanted a  more direct approach to the PCB, and so, we end up in a happy medium:


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