San Diego Dentistry Studio Open House Flyers

For this project, I had a paragraph of information to include on the flyers and two samples of flyers that they had looked at and sort of liked.

Talking to the client, they also have the latest in technology of their field and wanted to show some of their installations on the flyer.

The problem with the samples that they had sent, they focused on the wine and cheese part, and are too warm to be on brand with everything else they print. Their brand is based on blue colors, as well as white, cool grey and black.

While taking my notes, I liked how the draft was looking:

I send them two mock-ups, both of them with brand colors, and message hierarchy: one that looked like the notes and that focuses more on the message in a visually appealing order

And the second one is focused more on the pictures of their installations and the view from the work stations.

After a few tweaks to make it cleaner and easier to read, as well as getting the rest of the details squared up, this is the approved design.

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