YCP Marketing

Through the first year of this organization, I was part of the marketing team. We had a very small budget and had to generate attendees to our monthly events, not to mention most of us had only a few hours to dedicate to this.

The aim of the marketing was to brand the events as friendly and welcoming, nurturing and inviting to all of the young adults in the San Diego County. All of this while keeping it in a professional environment.

Although our efforts included printed materials, and event promotions through social media; the likes of FB and Eventbrite. We wanted to create shareable content that would talk to the individual, and would make you feel like they where inviting you, not someone similar to you. Videos of each team member with an invitation that talked about the  speaker and the commodities of the event was our best solution.

These videos where filmed and edited by me for the  most part:



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