Right on the path

Printing, Sketches

I was asked to come up with a drama filled inspiring drawing, fit to be screen printed, the concept is the pawn that promotes, who is on it’s way to there; who looks like just a pawn but his royal spirit is reflected in his shadow.
Here is a sketch for it, I am trying to explore shadows and highlights in one color, no shading, or gray scaling


While waiting for something, I had a little time to explore the perks of having a tablet, with the sketchbook app and a little stylus, nothing fancy about it. Different mediums take time to dominate, so it feels like I’m starting all over again, playing with some shadows over the same concept sketch, this is the result:


Not quite fit for screen printing, but really good practice
I see these amazing finger paintings on you tube, and I kind of feel like the little pawn on his way up hill, determined to conquer the road in front of him.

Have you had any experience drawing with the new technology?
Any practice doodles you recommend?
Lets hear them in the comments!