San diego eighties landsacape t-shirt for both male and female now available at Red bubble

Eighties Series

Graphic Design

5 years later… In a world where Corona has become a feared word, you need a face mask to go outside, and the closest you can come to a human being is 6ft. What started as 15 days is now what feels like a million years going on 5 months. We have survived murder hornets, raging fires, heat waves, sudden inland winds of up to 145 MPH, riots, and double hurricanes.

In this post-apocalyptic world, your writer re-starts the blog. With a sudden obsession for 80’s graphics and oh, so much time on her hands. As an effort to keep my skills sharp and bring some distraction to the unsuspecting reader, I’m making a series of graphics based in the eighties esthetics, with all its glorious gradients, and textures, and loud colors, and type treatments that bring you right back to the, now, end of the previous century.

First up is the most famous landscape of the City of San Diego, CA. I started it up as a simple sketch in photoshop, based on several photos.

San Diego_Landscape-Sketc and inspiration

You can see the inspiration of both the 80’s graphics and the pictures the sketch is based on

After this, some color blocking, that makes it easier to interpret once I move to vector format in Illustration.

Color sketch

You can start to see the idea, I also decided to add a little sailboat, to emphasize the water. I went crazy with the gradients here. Afterwards, I took the sketch to illustrator and traced all the buildings, the sun, the sailboat, played with the typeface and colors until I ended up with this:

Final product of the eighties looking san diego landscape
Color sketch

This looked like it would look great on a t-shirt,

San diego eighties landsacape t-shirt for both male and female now available at Red bubble

I’d love to hear your thoughts, whether they are on the world we are living in, or the graphic you see.

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