I’m baaaack!

Graphic Design

It’s been crazy around here, but finally things are starting to settle down a bit.

The other day I had a potential client ask me if I was any good. He said I was too calm to be any good *__* What?!

I’ve never encounter this, usually potential clients just ask to see my previous work, or just show me what they want and trust that I can do it; I mean since i’m in the field, I should know everything about design , according to them. But never had I encounter a person implying that I need to be less calm in order to be good at this. I mean, does running around like a headless chicken ever helped anyone make a deadline?
Do you trust a person that is exited about everything they do more than one who remains calm and to the point?
Is there a character, temperament, or certain personality traits that a potential client looks for when hiring a graphic designer?
Have you, reader (or future reader) been in a situation like this either as the client or the designer?