Always on a Friday


Its Friday!

I saw in some sitcom somewhere that good , or maybe was it bad?, things come in threes. It is a strange phenomena that I have experienced several times, and curiously enough is always on a Friday. Maybe it is because we all want the weekend to start early, or because the stars align or because we were slaking off during the week and come to realize all the work that still needs to be done before the end of day, or maybe it’s all of the above. Crazy fridays, yes sir.

Today for example started earlier, last night to be precise. When one of the team was setting up a tent, he realized that a set of banners had not been put into production, we needed 2 and just one was done, MAYDAY! production was closed, no way to get them out by today, maybe if all goes well tomorrow. Also, the vendor didn’t include some hooks necessary for the assemble and the brochures,well let’s just say where not what I expected. All this just for one order. We also needed to laminate some signs, and finalize a t-shirt order by 3pm or we would not be able to meet the clients deadline. Not to mention writing proposals for potential new clients. Yes, fridays although we love them for is the last day we work, it also means, you will have the 2 days you get off worth of work.

Come next week, i’ll have to come to work with an emergency kit prepared, it should include earplugs for when the boss realizes somethings wrong, an apple to chew, when you want to chew someones head of, scissors, glue, duck tape (it solves everything!)  maybe some kind of protecting shield and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

I did learn something new today, that you might want to take into account if you are ever in my position. If you have spot colors on your art, and you are printing offset, the RIP program that is used to process the job for the printer, might mess up the colors, it doesn’t compute spot colors apparently. The solution? make everything CMYK, convert those spot colors if you want to be sure your art will come out like you where expecting, given that sometimes because of deadlines, you don’t have time to wait for a proof, that takes an extra day! too much valuable time that you can’t afford.
There is a cartoon I love that I’m always seeing in the MAD blog it is a demon eating a clock and is titled “deadline demon”. Could not be more accurate, I think I will have to make my own take on it, to be able to use it.
If you made it to the bottom of this post, you know you want to contribute your 2 cents, share your story? or maybe you want to hear more about converting spot colors to CMYK? do you prepare for stuff like this happening or do they take you by surprise? Comment please 😀

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