Backyard Adventures


This morning, while taking the trash out, I happened to walk right next to a little bird, who didn’t fly, usually they leave the scene like i’m going to kill them, but this one just walked away, walked to be under my car. It was a little bit strange. Later on, i saw another one just sitting there again under the car, this one seemed like he was about to kick me if I dared to come close.

I went into my house and from the living room window observed them. A bulb went on in my head DUH! I have a camera ha ha. I ran to grab it, changed the lens to get a closer look, and was able to get in the picture, their mom bringing them food, then she saw me, and left. After that the little birdies looked at me with an accusing eye, couldn’t help but to feel guilty, so, I left them alone. To this minute they are still under the car, chirping. Hopefully they learn to fly away before the neighborhood cats realize they are there.

Go on to my facebook page to see the rest of the pictures from my morning backyard adventures:

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