Photo-books are totally worth the work it takes to design them.

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A great way to have the pictures in a printed way, photo books. If you have a digital camera and have printed any of your pictures online, you are bound to find a company that can do them, It is a bit tedious to upload the pictures and then arrange everything in a way that tells the story, but it is totally worth it. If you print one, you might not see the value immediately, for the pictures are fresh, but wait a few months and you will enjoy them again, wait a few years and the memories are invaluable. I’ve done a few of these in my time; and love to look through them every now and then, not only have my family and friends changed, but also my photography and design skills have improved through the years.

Here is the latest, printed through Shutterfly, they are my BFFs right now,


DSC_0166 DSC_0165

DSC_0168 DSC_0167



I know there are some companies that will use your InDesgin Files, but I am still to find one that makes my budget happy with a good print; i’m on the look out though, i’ll probably mention it here when I find it.

Do you know of any place that will do them? Give me a hand and comment, please 🙂

Live model Photoshoot


I’ve heard many live model photo-shoots occur around the city, always wondering how those go, with many photographers around? who controls the light? or who suggests a pose? how long are the poses?  etc, etc. And when I got the e-mail that there was going to be one at a museum, that I could actually go to (after work) I jumped at the idea. I have to say it was a little strange, no control over lighting, and getting all the museum’s structures and artwork, and lighting as well as other photographers out of the frame was a challenge.

The model did several costume changes and had zombie make up on, so the post- editing was really cool.

here is one of the shots from that day:


DSC_0159And the best part of all… i get a model release to do what ever I want with these pictures (read it with a grin)

Can’t wait to go to the next event.