Live model Photoshoot


I’ve heard many live model photo-shoots occur around the city, always wondering how those go, with many photographers around? who controls the light? or who suggests a pose? how long are the poses?  etc, etc. And when I got the e-mail that there was going to be one at a museum, that I could actually go to (after work) I jumped at the idea. I have to say it was a little strange, no control over lighting, and getting all the museum’s structures and artwork, and lighting as well as other photographers out of the frame was a challenge.

The model did several costume changes and had zombie make up on, so the post- editing was really cool.

here is one of the shots from that day:


DSC_0159And the best part of all… i get a model release to do what ever I want with these pictures (read it with a grin)

Can’t wait to go to the next event.

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