more than I could chew


I started writing the tutorial for last week, and realized it was going to take a lot more so last weeks and this weeks will be joined in one, for I need to work on the best examples to better explain my ideas and what i’m seeing. Plus I am sure several other tutorials will derive from this one, so stay tuned my imaginary reader.

In other news, I have subscribed to in a effort to better my drawing skills. The first thing Mathew teaches after talking about buying a sketchbook is to write down your goals, and give them a time limit. I’ve heard this sooo many times before, but not actually applied to drawing, so it sounds promising. For now I have 8 weeks to finish a sketchbook, and have to draw on it e-v-e-r-y d-a-y for at least ten minutes. I’ll post my best sketches here.

And the end note, i’ll just leave you with a little monogram/logo that I designed for a very special person that just got married

Happy March!

Monogram designed

Upps, this is the one with the wrong date, oh, well, the idea is there. They used this on the website, their invitations, their save the dates, etc, etc. And this is something that will stay with them for as long as they are married, so i’m honored I could do it for them.

One thought on “more than I could chew

  1. LOL! Thats Not the picture we used for everything!!!

    But that is a picture that tells you how crazy we are hahaha

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